Roller shutter hooks

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Set of 3 roller shutter override hooks for the eye-type roller shutter overrides. Attaches to your drill to make things faster and easy(ish!) Also has the tip modified to enable bolts to be manipulated more easily.


  • Long, Short and Mini supplied
  • Long reaches even the tallest doors*
  • Short lets you stand on the floor and winch up a regular shop shutter
  • Mini is for weirdly positioned ones or with limited access
  • Shaft is flatted for extra grip with high torque drills
  • 8mm cold rolled solid steel construction (bare metal – now 100% stainless steel)
  • Compatible with the roller shutter eye, available here

*Obviously, if it’s 30ft off the floor, you are still going to need a ladder. But this will tackle a warehouse/forklift door from the ground. Much safer!

Other uses include herding weasels and manipulating door bolts or leaning over garden gates and pulling those bolts, hooking things and generally reaching further than you otherwise could. Weasel herding results may vary.


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