Kibb extra high security rim lock


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The Kibb deadlocking extra high security rim lock is designed to be fitted to an inwards opening wooden door. It will ensure that the lock and door remain closed against even the most dramatic opening attempts. The key to the security is the interlocking design, which keeps the lock attached to the door frame no matter what happens. (And no, it can’t be slipped!)

For maximum security, you can turn the key to prevent the internal pull from opening the door (ideal in the case of glass nearby), or simply close the door for ease of access during the day, in the same way as a regular deadlocking nightlatch. It can, of course, be snibbed open when required, for free passage.

Suits a door thickness between 42 and 50mm, and can beautifully replace a typical low security nightlatch (with backset of 40mm, 50mm or 60mm) as a great looking and far more secure lock. The lock is not handed (fits either opening to the left or opening to the right) and is ideal for your high value clients.

For the ultimate security against entry attempts, you might want to upgrade the lock cylinder to something like the Brisant Secure Ultion, but as standard the unit comes complete with a 6 pin drill protected medium security euro cylinder. It is completely protected against snapping attacks by the solid cast steel armoured faceplate of the lock, seen here.

Photograph of the PVD brass coated steel escutcheon of the Kibb high security rim lock

The solid steel faceplate protects the cylinder from grinder, drill and brute force attacks.

Please be aware that this lock was Sold Secure accredited, but that the accreditation is no longer maintained.

There are only 15 of these fascinating and highly secure locks available, as they never reached full production due to the sad death of the inventor.

If you would like to really see what the fuss is about, below is the entire attack test video.


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