Super-tough drawn stainless steel EPG blades

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These hand-made EPG blades are made from very strong drawn stainless steel “wire”. Use these on everyday, low to medium security locks.(You will still need your thinner blades for high security locks with tighter keyways.) The thickness of the blade makes them robust, but ensures that the blade is tough enough for even the Doodlebug EPG, unlike most stainless steel EPG blades.

Handmade, so length and minor shape variation occurs.

Fits the HPC and Doodlebug, and any other EPG that takes standard blades. Slacken the screw, insert behind the screw so the notch fits snuggly, then tighten the clamp system. (Testing of fit on various other EPGs will take place soon.)

No warranty! (But give them a try)


  • Stainless steel
  • Cheap
  • Rust and rain proof
  • Cheap
  • Strong
  • Cheap
  • Drawn steel for springiness
  • Cheap
  • Very effective!


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